Chris Gurunlian, Professional Bodybuilder
2011 IDFA Ottawa-Gatineau Classic Lightweight Champion - Earned Pro Card 
2009 CBBF Canadian Classic National Champion
2009 IFBB World Classic Amateur Championship
16 Week Progress Pictures 


Tiffany G.  
2009 NPC Long Island Figure Championship 2nd Place
14 Week Transformation
Lisa O.
16 Week Transformation
2009 NPC Dexter Jackson Classic Figure 7th Place


As a Chiropractic Doctor, I see an abundance of golf related back injuries. Atomic Golf is the only biomechanicaly sound instruction available today that shows you how to hit a golf ball to prevent injuries. It creates a natural motion that is powerful and stable which rotates naturally around the spine. Combining this instruction with the muscle building know how, you can ensure a lifetime of healthy and successful golf.

Dr. Durlan Castro B.S., D.C., A.R.T.

Michael provides a unique perspective in the golf industry. Not only is he an accomplished player, but he is also an inciteful instructor. Combine this with his successful approach to excercise and nutrition makes him one of the foremost authorities in the field of golf fitness. This area will continue to expand and develop with his valuable input.

Allan Renz
Golf Instructor
Chelsea Piers Golf Academy, New York City
Member, European Golf Teachers Federation
Teacher of the Year, Chelsea Piers 2003,2004,2005

Perhaps one of the purest joys in life are to execute a perfectly hit golf shot.   Interestingly though much can and cannot go into the execution of the "perfect" golf shot.  Furthermore, what constitutes a perfect golf shot can also be debated.  What I learned from Michael Manavian is what cannot be substituted for what really needs to happen, to make it all happen.  There are an infinite number of ways a golf ball can fly once it is hit.  However, only a good teacher can understand what ingredients it takes to make a person perfect a golf swing.  I believe what makes a great teacher is one who completely understands what it takes to produce a bad swing in addition a good one, then give those tools to the student to carry on to a successful, fun, thrilling game of golf.  Mike has a vast compendium of knowledge on how a golf swing operates.  Mike possesses this knowledge.  Furthermore, this is why I elected him to be my teacher, coach and mentor in the game of golf.  I would be remiss if I did not say that a swing is only part of the story.  In "no excuse" golf one's teacher must understand the the two other sides of the triangle, mind and body.  The combination of all three clearly gives me the confidence to execute any shot I need to produce.  As a matter of fact it has become a challenge and quite fun to call on these shots.   Mike has the innate ability to reduce his teaching to the simplest and most core components.  Essentially, Mike can break it down in little pieces which are easily digested and remembered so that I may reproduce on my own.  The confidence I now have in golf is second to none.  No more first tee gitters, no more hesitancy on club selection, in short... no more excuses.  Through Mike Manavian's teachings of proper equipment... yes he knows all this too, to his strong and simply disciplines I now can experience the golf I always dreamed about..... BIG THANKS MIKE...
Yours truly and respectfully,
James J. Burns, CFP
President and CEO, JJ Burns and Company
A Private Financial Planning, Wealth Management Firm

Atomic Golf Update
Thanks for the help!
I am hitting it pretty darn far these days though, and have gained distance as the year moved on.
In todays round I had:
140 to middle on a straight 487yrd par5.
20yrds left on a straight, uphill 320yrd par4.
190 left on 540yrd straight kinda downhill par5.

I think I'm definitly lucky to hit the ball as far as I do. I think my distance is due to good extension after and through the ball. I'm sure the basics of my swing came from your book. I'm definitly proud of it, and you did give me the basics to do it properly. I seriously couldn't hit a driver last year, and started out this year hitting it about 240-250, and have gained 50yrds since then.. Your book is all the lesons I've taken so it must have helped my mind grasp some stuff.

I really am happy I got your book and I think it really gave me some good stuff to work on and improve on. I'm currently shooting mid 80's, and have had a few rounds lately in the low 80's.

Appriciate all you've done.
Chris from Halifax

I was 215 at my heaviest, about 185 when I contacted you, and 175 right now. Originally 185 was my target, but with the high protein diet I kept losing. I kind of like me at 175 but I can see where 185 muscled out would be better ;)
Greg M.